Dovo Barbarossa 5/8 Black Chromed Finish Short Blade Red & Black Acrylic Handle

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Dovo Straight Razor

The DOVO Barbarossa 5/8" has been designed for the needs of barbers and all bearded men. The special feature of this straight razor is its short blade. It is particularly manoeuvrable and precise to control. Thus the user can shape and contour his beard with millimetre accuracy. The fine engraving of the famous bearded Emperor Barbarossa adds a beautiful flair to this unique razor. This razor is Black Chromed to prevent oxidation so this is the perfect razor if you find that you don't want to take the time to oil your razor. Yet keep in mind that there is exposed metal at the edge. We also recommend that you hone this razor with a layer of tape on the spine to prevent excess hone wear and to prevent the chrome coating from coming off.

We are always competitive and give the lowest price possible but keep in mind when you compare prices to other shaving sites, that all our Straight Razors are Professionally honed to "Shave Ready" at no extra charge. So even though another site might match our price, the honing we provide alone is a value of $70, which means we are without question the lowest price on the net on every model we sell.  All Straight Razors come with a Factory Edge, what does this mean?  At the factory they give each razor a basic edge, but before you shave with it you need to refine that edge to make it "Shave Ready".  So to save you this trouble we Professionally sharpen the razor for you.  This is important especially if you are buying this as a Gift.  Also to ensure that you continue to use your razor after purchase, you are welcome to send it back for a follow up honing free of charge. We are not just here to sell you the tools, but stand behind you to encourage the use of those tools.  We will also make sure everything is up to standard and check the pivot pin, touch up the blade and polish any scratches to make it look as close to perfect as possible.  

Always keep in mind if you are buying this razor as a gift or if you are a new shaver getting into Straight Razor Shaving that you will also need a Strop to keep your razor sharp, and for a strop we always recommend the 3" Corium Board Strop.  Most important of all is the Straight Razor Oil which we recommend to use after every shave, this razor is Carbon Steel and will oxidize if not protected. When stropping a Dovo with Plastic Scales make sure to hold the metal tang like a pencil to avoid breaking the scales. Check out our stropping video below for how to strop a Straight Razor.  

As a small family run business we take great pride not only in our Customer Service but our Craftsmanship. What sets us apart from other shaving stores?  We are an Artisan owned shaving store with the best customer service on the net. We professionally sharpen each razor with a progression of 1K to 12K followed by extremely low Micron abrasives like Iron Oxide, Chromium Oxide and Diamond.  Also included is a FREE follow up honing, now this is NOT a gimmick to sell razors...This is our way to get you to continue to use your razor, because if you continue to use your razor there is the future possibility that you will make purchases from us again. It's a mutual friendship and our job is to help you on your journey to becoming an experienced Straight Razor Shaver. Also remember our "No questions asked" return policy. At The Classic Edge you are what counts, because without you there would be no Classic Edge! 

Straight Razor orders are special compared to other orders, which is why we ask that you wait an extra 2 - 3 days for us to prepare your razor. This is not something you want rushed, as there are many more steps involved in making sure your razor is not only "Crazy Sharp" but also 100% Bacteria FREE!  Would you rather buy from a store that ships out the same day and get a razor that was not sanitized and sharpened?  Nothing is worse that receiving a Straight Razor as a gift and then finding out that you have to send it away to be sharpened for $30 plus shipping!  We cannot thank you enough for visiting our online store and hope you have a wonderful day! 

Grind: Full Hollow

Metal: Carbon Steel Black finish

Point: Round Point Short Blade

Handle: Red & Black Acrylic

Dimensions: 14.5 cm x 2.4 cm x 1.1 cm

Country: Germany