Classic Edge Shaving

Classic Edge Shaving Scuttle w/Logo Black

This top-quality Ceramic Black Shaving Scuttle is without question one of the best Shaving Scuttle I have found on the Market, that is not Vintage. The reason it is made in creamware is to make it easy to see the lather produced. The rings inside the mug help to trap air with the shaving brush to produce a thick lather! Clean straight lines and smooth cream sides, the soap dish is perfect for holding your shaving soap and also works to store the soap when not in use. The dish easily holds any size of cake soap. Just wet the bottom of the cake and it will stick to the dish and not move. Most scuttles I tested would not keep the water hot longer than the first shave, so that was one important factor when picking a scuttle to supply to my clients and this Scuttle did very well in that department! Unlike all the Scuttles of today, it is more like the Antique Scuttles of yesterday making this one of the only Shaving Scuttle with Class. Made in England with high quality workmanship, we are proud to make this product available to our clients and stand behind it 100%. So if you are not happy with it, you are welcome to send it back for a Full Refund no questions asked! Thanks for visiting our website and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Note: Best Use of Your Shaving Scuttle. For best results and good care of your shaving scuttle, fill it with hot water from the tap first then boil a kettle and replace the water in the scuttle with boiling water. Lather up with your soap and brush then leave standing in the scuttle for 5 mins to get a hot lather. OR heat in Microwave until Hot.

Scuttle Dimensions

Overall Outside Diameter at Widest Point: 4 1/8" or 107mm

Height without Soap Dish: 3 1/2" or 89mm

Height with Soap Dish: 3 3/4" or 95mm

Mouth Opening Inside Diameter: 3 1/4" or 83mm

Bottom Inside Diameter: 2 1/8" or 53mm

Holds 400 mls or 14oz

*Dishwasher and Microwave Safe*

Handmade in England

Soap Not Included. (The soap in the picture is a Col. Conk Shaving Soap used for an example)

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

I am on my second now due to dropping the first . Love the fact i can heat up my soap and brush while I shower . Highly recommended


Husband loves it!

Customer review

I wanted to buy this for some time. But of course I did some research. Having a limited budget I went for the George town scuttle first. So you can imagine how upset I was when the handle broke off. Lucky for me I was able to return it since I didn't use it one day. Now imagine how worried I was to buy a second scuttle, right? I read the description on the classic edge scuttle and took the plunge. Ok I have to say these are on the pricey side....BUT it was worth the price. Very well made from my home town of England. This is what I call bone china. Well done classic edge.

Customer review

Just received my black scuttle and I love it! Not too big and not too small fits perfectly in my washroom counter. Perfect size. This scuttle made my shaving more enjoyable. Thanks Phil!

Vince Weithers
Customer review

This shaving bowl/scuttle is average. The handle is small and isn't adequate for the weight of the scuttle. This scuttle is deep and I found the area where the "whipping" is done to be too narrow making stirring difficult and causing the foam to end up on the handle of the brush. Maybe my "hot" water from my faucet isn't hot enough or maybe my basement is too cool, but I'm finding my foam doesn't get warm enough in the winter. I'll try kettle water. The hole in the spout is good for inserting the shave brush to soften the bristles in the water located in that part of the scuttle. I'm going to stick with my shallow shaving dish for creating foam.