Fine Accoutrements

About Fine Accoutrements:


Soon after discovering that the benefits of traditional wet shaving far exceeded all initial expectations, founder Todd Cerami (aka Mr. Fine) set out to create his own personal line of products, in order to enhance such an enticing daily ritual from a chore, to a genuine pleasure. 


He was immediately attracted to the idea of a less expensive, yet more effective shaving routine. In early 2005, he created Fine Accoutrements; a lineup of traditional shaving products that blend the best of the old, with the best of the new, in order to produce what is regarded as simply, the best.  


So whether you're an experienced wet-shaver, or brand new to the practice, I invite you to try our collection of Fine Accoutrement Shaving Brushes, and truly experience what traditional shaving can become; sourced directly from the Divine, Angel Hair fibers represent the first synthetic material to truly rival the highest grade badger hair for comfort and performance. Both cruelty-free and lower cost than badger, there's little doubt that these shaving brushes are truly an otherworldy gift. Fine Accoutrements is proud to have been among the first in the world to offer this type of knot.