Henson Razors

About Henson:


Henson's namesake, William Samuel Henson, was a pre-Wright Brothers aviation engineer and inventor. Henson invented the modern form of the razor, the 'T' shaped safety razor, and patented it in 1847. While a major improvement on the previous form of the safety razor, additional improvement was needed to make safety razors common and useable for everyone.


To get the precision and perfection they desired in our razor, Henson sought out and partnered with one of Canada's top Aerospace Manufacturers; who had enough precision and skill to build structural components for the Mars Rover, International Space Station, and low earth satellite (LEO) programs.


As it turns out, making an extremely precise razor is certainly possible, if you want to spend hundreds of dollars. The new challenge was to bring Aerospace quality to a razor, at an affordable price. Mission accomplished! Because each component of the Henson razor is precision machined, they are able to achieve extremely tight tolerances in a production environment to bring an incredibly high quality and low cost razor, to you.


Their accuracy allows a consistent blade gap and blade exposure. Less blade exposure means less chatter. Less chatter means less strokes, less irritation, and smoother shave every time. It's time for you to upgrade your shave, and feel the difference that precision makes.