Vintage Straight Razors

All Vintage Straight Razors are restored by me and honed to Shave ready condition, or a New Old Stock Straight Razor that is an unused Straight Razor that is a collectors item. If you do not want your razor "Shave Ready" for any reason, please contact us prior to purchase and give us details on what your needs are. Clients always come first and we always listen! I have restored knives and razors for many years. Just in the last ten years have I started selling on the internet to bring on new clients.   All the razors are immersed in Barbicide and coated with Renaissance Wax to protect the Carbon Steel and keep it from oxidizing. All razors are coated in straight razor oil prior to shipping. As always we are here for any questions you may have. Please feel free to shop with confidence as we have a "no questions asked return policy". If you are not happy with your Vintage Razor, please send it back for a store credit that can be used on any merchandise on the sight. Just make sure not to use your razor if you have doubts.

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Phil & Jane