Vintage Straight Razors

About Our Vintage Straight Razors:


All Vintage Straight Razors leaving the Classic Edge have been carefully restored by our professional Honemeister, Phil. The term New Old Stock (NOS) refers to vintage, never-before-used straight razors. While somewhat rare due to their age and popularity, these genuine works of art make excellent additions to any straight razor collection; or, if you can't help yourself because of their incredible quality, a just-as beautiful addition to your daily shaving rotation. 


Like any high-end collectible, we ask that you advise us on whether you would like the original factory edge, or made to be completely "Shave Ready" 


If you entrust to us this special privilege, we will take great care to ensure this edge is perfect in every way. As always, a final polishing will be done after honing, to give this razor the remarkable shine it had the day it came out of the factory. Each straight razor and includes a complimentary re-honing, redeemable at any time at no extra charge. 


Please Note: There are no returns on Antique's. This is due to the age of the products and that they are more for collectability than for daily use. Selling these NOS products is difficult for many reasons, as I would buy 10 and be lucky to sell 4 in excellent condition, as many of these sealed products are covered in rust and not restorable. I do the work of making sure you only receive quality so you do not have to.