Hanging Strops

About Our Hanging Strops:


The ideal companion for your straight razor.


In order to maintain their extremely keen edge, straight razors should be stropped before each use. This re-aligns the incredibly thin 'fin' at the edge of the blade that gives the straight razor its legendary sharpness; basically, stropping a straight razor gives you a flawless new edge for each shave!


Hanging Strops, in particular, are meant to be used by attaching them to a wall, table, or other fixture, and held with one hand. Ideally, they should be held so that the strop is a little less than chest-height; a perfect location that allows you to comfortably strop your razor, without straining your hand. 


Regarding the different types of leather, our English Bridle Hanging Strops are well established as the best choice for high end strops, because of their ability to refresh a superb cutting edge; while our Corium Leather Hanging Strops are made with, without question, one of the best finishing leathers available.


These strops are a simple, convenient, yet very effective way to maintain the edge of your blade; an excellent, high-quality choice for those already familiar with straight razor stropping.