About Us

Straight Razor Specialists

What is the difference at The Classic Edge? It is owned by an Artisan that can make and restores Straight Razors.  We have sold Thousands of Vintage Straight Razors over the past dozen years making sure each and every client was 100% satisfied. 

Phil has a professional background in custom metal fabrication, welding, metallurgy, along with a strong working knowledge in Quality Control for process equipment in the Pharmaceutical and food industry. These are all great assets that he is able to bring with him and adapt to his present product design work at The Classic Edge Shaving Store.  This metallurgy background allows him a far better understanding of the razor and and steps required to restore it to collector state. This passion and understanding is put into every razor/product we sell, and most importantly every Honing project we take on for you.

For over a decade, Phil has been honing Straight Razors and a wide variety of knives. Teaching people the art of honing is what brings him great satisfaction. Even though time is limited now and he cannot teach each and every client his plans are to make some easy to follow video's that will help any new Honemeister on his or her journey.  As the Honemeister for a number of Straight Razor providers and Knife suppliers in Canada and the United States, he has truly mastered the art of getting the perfect edge and is recognized world wide for that ability.   Phil's favorite quote "It can always be a little sharper!"   He sharpened his first knife at 12 years, he had to convince his father's friend to give him a knife for his birthday because he knew his parents would not allow him to purchase a knife of his own. Little did he know that he would be given a knife that was over 100 years old, and boy did it look it. Now sharpening this knife was a complete nightmare until his father handed him an old water stone that he had in the kitchen drawer. It took a few weeks until his father finally told him he needed to use water on the stone (What a mess!) After that he always asked before he took on a new job he knew nothing about. Even till this day, some research is needed when taking on a honing job for something rare and not often seen.

Buying products from a website can be so impersonal that people are sometimes shy to contact someone to ask questions. We try our best to let people know that we are here for you, we're not just saying that to sound like we care. We really want you to ask questions!   One thing we see daily is when someone buys their first Straight Razor and shortly after, comes an email asking if they actually need a strop!   So better to find out what you need up front than get your beautiful straight razor in the mail and have to wait for your new strop to follow!  That's like buying a sports car and waiting for the keys!  Email us at theclassicedge@gmail.com.We believe in having a human being answer the phone and not a machine, unless of course we are already chatting with a client. So don't be shy and leave a message. We always get back to you the second we are able!  Unlike so many website today, we are NOT shy about posting our number 416-574-1592, and do not believe the excuse that it's too busy to answer phone calls...  Isn't the whole point of sales to sell a client something!?  Seems these big companies like Amazon have set a bad example. Well we are all about going against the grain, so if you want to talk to the owner, purchaser or the floor sweeper (same person) just ask for Phil :)  We thank you for taking time out of your day to visit us, and if you make a purchase that is just a bonus, have a wonderful day!