When it comes to those new to the world of straight razor shaving, we want to ensure every first experience is nothing short of an excellent one; below you can find some of the basic information regarding the functional variations between different straight razors, in order to help you pick out the perfect razor for you! 


Some Common Blade Points:


The Round point is the classic shape for a razor and is suitable in most shaving situations. This type of point has been very popular for centuries, as the curved shape can be used very safely in the areas of the ears, nose, and dimples. Even in the event of a fall, the rounded head protects you from injuries.


The Spanish point is an elaborately designed shape for razor points. Its unique shape comes from its concave form with a slightly rounded tip. This rounding also facilitates the shaving of complicated areas around the ears, nose, and dimples. Such a design offers you high precision without having to sacrifice security and control.


The Square point is an excellent choice for those getting a little more comfortable with their straight razor. Named for the blades resemblance to the side of a square, its sharp point is perpendicular to the razors sharp edge, making it a formidable asset when it comes to a high precision shave.  


Some Common Blade Widths:


5/8 inch razors are true all-rounders and can do any wet shaving task with flying colours. The blade is relatively light and can therefore glide gently over your skin without great pressure. At the same time, it is still nimble enough to manage even more technically demanding passages around the nose, ears, and chin.


A wide blade is particularly suitable for men with strong beard growth or thicker hair. A 6/8 inch straight razor glides undeterred, through even the thickest facial hair. The experienced shaver appreciates the high weight of the blade and the resulting smooth operating performance. Especially on straight facial areas, you will achieve an unrivalled, thorough and comfortable shave.


Each straight razor comes professionally honed, and includes a complimentary re-honing, redeemable at any time at no extra charge. Like all straight razors leaving the Classic Edge, we take great care to ensure each blade is nothing short of perfect!