Frequently Asked Questions

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Before reaching out to us, (which we always encourage) and for your convenience, here's a list of frequently asked questions that may give you the answer you're looking for more immediately! 

If you don't find your answer here, please reach out to us directly here, and we'll be happy to help!

Yes and It's Easy! Shop online and Pick up your order at the Port Rowan location!

23 College Avenue, Box 462, Port Rowan, Ontario N0E 1M0, Canada

1.  When you checkout, choose "In-Store Pickup".

2. Once you have made the purchase, you will receive a confirmation email of your recent purchase. An associate will then email you to confirm that your order is ready and will arrange a day and time with you to pickup your order. 

This is not a retail location, it is strictly for pickup's only since we do not keep any product at this location. All orders must be made online as we do not accept cash. Please do not show up without an appointment as we will not be able to help you without having an order in advance. We need at least one day to prepare your order and Straight Razor orders need a little more time which we can discuss. Pick Up times are from Monday to Friday 10:00 am to 6:00pm. Also remember we offer FREE shipping for orders over $60.

No, we are strictly a Web based business and mail out all orders. Hopefully in the future we will have a retail location to change this!

Yes, we are always looking for razors to restore. Now if this razor looks like it is rusted through or cracked, chipped or badly pitted it might be beyond saving. If you aren't sure, contact us and we can discuss what you are looking to sell and we can work something out.   We also buy full collections and Estate sales.

Like anything you buy that was previously used, it can hold bacteria and depends on who you are buying from and how Sanitary they are. We learned early on when purchasing a Straight Razor from Ebay that not everyone is serious about cleanliness. We received a razor that was not only covered in soap scum but had hairs still on the blade and in between the scales. As soon as an Antique item comes in the door, it is washed with soap and immersed in Mar-v-cide disinfectant for 11 minutes, then once it is restored and made "Shave Ready" prior to packaging it is then cleaned once more and re-immersed to ensure that our product comes to you safe for use. We have stopped dealing with eBay restored razors for honing. It has been one problem after another. Clients buy a razor restored from an eBay seller and send it in for Honing. Your first clue is this. If someone restored a razor to resell to you, why is it not shave ready? Because there are problems with the blade most likely. So we do not accept those razors. We have a full line of restored razors for our clients to choose from that are in perfect condition, clean, safe and most of all "Shave Ready"!

We enjoy helping fellow shavers learn the art of Wet Shaving. We will teach you how to strop whenever time permits. We keep sample strops available here for a quick stropping lesson. Sometimes all you need is a little tip or someone showing you what you are doing wrong.

No, we do not offer razor restoration. We sell fully restored and custom scaled razors for you to choose from, and offer honing services. Our honing services are top rate and you will always get a razor that is beyond "Shave Ready".  During the honing process, we do polish razors for a cleaner look and make sure everything is solid and smooth, but we do not remove pitting and fix major repairs as a standard. 

We are here to help so if you get a razor "Shave Ready" and one month later it's dull due to poor stropping or typical beginner errors, send it back!!  The last thing we want is for you to give up. When learning you make mistakes, and we are here to ensure that you learn without major damage to your pocket book. So give us a call or email us and explain the problemet us know you need a little more help to get up to speed. We'll hone that razor free of charge and maybe we can help and see where you are going wrong!