Naniwa Basic 1000/3000 Combination Water Stone

The Naniwa Basic 1000/3000 Combination Waterstone are a good double sided stone at a great price. You're getting a quality genuine Naniwa product with a price tag of an economical stone.

Like traditional waterstones, we recommend soaking these in water prior to use. Being a traditional waterstone, these stone sharpen very quickly.

Each stone measures 185 MM long x 65 MM wide and 30 MM thick. In inches the stone measures 7.28" long, 2.55" and 1.18" thick. This size offers a good balance of value and size.

The Naniwa 1000/3000 Combo Stone has two sides, a 1000 grit and a 3000 grit side. The 1000 is to quickly set your bevel on a Straight Razor.. The 3,000 grit side refines that edge. After this you should follow up with an 8,000 Grit stone to polish that edge. Then followed by Chromium Oxide on Balsa Wood. Many clients ask me if they should go to 10,000 or 12,000 grit. You can, but keep in mind when learning you want the least amount of steps possible so that it is easier to trouble shoot. By the way Phil, why do you not sell stones over 12,000 grit!? To be completely honest, it is pretty much a waste of your money. Don't get me wrong, I would love to make a sale....But it would be me taking advantage of you, and being dishonest that it would make any difference. Just remember that Chromium Oxide is 100,000 Grit, and is the main factor in getting that smooth ultra sharp edge.

Made in Vietnam