About Our Pre/Post:


An important part of any proper shaving routine; the use of pre and post-shaves are essential to protecting your skin, replenishing moisture, and helping you to get the absolute most out of your shaving experience. The products found in this section guarantee not only a seamless and professional shave, but one that will never leave your skin dry and unhappy!


Pre-shave should be gently massaged into the skin for at least a minute prior to shaving; this allows it time to properly moisturize and, combined with the physical movement of your hands, lightly exfoliate the skin before shaving. Available in a variety of easy-to-use mediums (including oils, creams, and gels), the use of a quality pre-shave guarantees the improvement of any shaving experience and, over time and with regular use, promotes overall skin health and hydration!


After shaving, it is normal for your skin to become sensitive, and needs to be cooled, moisturized, and soothed in order to prevent dryness and irritation. So, your immediate step after shaving should always be to apply a Post-shave/Aftershave. Available in a variety of convenient mediums (including balms, lotions, and creams), these products are key when it comes to replenishing the skin and restoring its natural moisture barrier. Typically, lotions tend to be lighter products, and work well with oily skin, while creams and balms tend to be thicker, and are ideal for dry skin. 


Also included in this section is our collection of Alum Sticks and Styptic Pencils; an important post-shave step if you are prone to nicks and cuts. When this happens, simply run some cool water, wet the stick, lightly touch the area and BAM! The bleeding stops instantly!