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10" Corium Board Strop

Video: How to Strop a Straight Razor

Made with the smoothest leather available, truly amazing feedback. This is a simple yet VERY effective way to strop your straight razor. If you have problems with a hanging strop this is the way to go. Just a month with this training tool and you will know what you were doing wrong and ready to tackle that hanging strop once more. This is my favorite way of stropping when I have too many razors to hone, just turn on the T.V and relax, it won't be long when you wish you had more razors to strop! All our Board Strops are made of Hardwood and not pine, to prevent warping and to have a solid base.

Chromium Oxide Paste works very well on the Corium Board Strop as well. Just remember this is the step between your last finishing stone of 8,000 grit or higher and then to your leather stropping!

Dimensions: 3" x 10" or 76.2mm x 255mm

Handcrafted in Canada with USA Leather

Customer Reviews

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Ron Neumann
Get Started

A great starter to stroping straight razors.

This is exactly what I purchased when starting out on my straight razor journey.

I didn't want to purchase a hanging strop just in case straight razor shaving wasn't for me.

Well, close to two years later, I still use the board strop while going through the multitude of straight razors I've acquired since my journey began. Does a great job on the razors as well as your confidence to move up to a hanging strop. As you add the hanging strop to your inventory, you can now use the board strop with the Chromium Oxide paste to add a new dimension to your finishing.

Highly recommend the board strop and "The Classic Edge" for their support and experience.

Jeff H
3" Corium Leather Stropping Board

TL;DR - This stropping board is simple but sturdy and attractive with its nicely-finished hardwood base. Its four feet make it thoroughly stable for ease and safety in use. The 3" width should fully accommodate the entire length of a majority of straight razor blades. Without a doubt, a more convenient option for (nearly!) foolproof results than a hanging strop. A few extra details: I bought this item specifically to use after treating it with chromium oxide. Many view an abrasive-loaded strop as an essential bridge between stone sharpening and stropping with bridle (or similar) leather. For a straight razor user such as me who is still unsure about using sharpening stones himself, learning how to use a treated strop has been a great moment of progress for my maintenance routine. It took a vintage razor (my great-grandfather's) from offering only a passable shave to a nearly-tug-free, nearly-baby-bottom-smooth performance. I look forward to using it with both of my razors for many years to come.

Steve W
Customer review

Used this strop yesterday for the first time. Worked great, easy to use. Very happy with it.

Customer review

Easy too use ....Great for starting off...just watch the video and start slow...keeps your razor in tip top shape...