Shaving Soap

About Our Shaving Soap:


An absolute must-have when it comes to a proper wet-shave; this section was specifically made for those looking for their new favourite shaving soap.


At The Classic Edge we do not believe in carrying a soap, just because everyone else is selling it; in a world overwhelmed and oversaturated by sub-par Artisan soaps, we believe in personally testing each product before making it available to you. A surprising number of soaps do not pass even our most basic quality tests; so if a tallow based soap does not produce a quick thick lather, you will not see it here, or if a Glycerin based soap is not producing enough lubrication, you can be assured that it will never reach this page. Because of these precautions, you can be confident that you are getting nothing short of a great shaving soap, no matter what you choose; as every single one of these soaps have, time and time again, proved to us their excellence when it comes to performance, quality, and merit. 


In this section you can also find our proud collection of Classic Edge Shaving Soaps: Our most recommended shaving cream, with not only an unmatched value, but in an incredible scent range including Aloe Vera, Bay Rum, Charcoal, Citrus, Old Barbershop, and Sandalwood. Presented in a screw-thread tub, each Classic Edge shaving cream has been specially formulated without parabens, making it especially suitable for sensitive skin.