Shaving Brushes

At The Classic Edge, we are very picky when it comes to which Shaving Brushes we sell to our clients. Before picking any product we personally test each product for 3 months before putting it on our shelves. You may ask yourself why we do not carry a certain brand or model. Simple, it just didn't meet our quality standards or received 3 bad reviews. If three or more clients complain about any brand with good reason, we will pull it from our shelves no matter how well they sell. Many times I have heard "But your competitor sells it!" I see many products sold elsewhere that I know are below standard. It is a shame but what matters most is that we stand behind our own products and manufacturers. The owner of The Classic Edge is not just a business owner but an Artisan and Shaving enthusiast. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit our small family run business and remember we are here to help. Have a great day!