Shaving Brushes

At The Classic Edge, we are extremely picky when it comes to which shaving brushes we sell to our customers, and which we avoid entirely. In fact, an extraordinary amount of brushes do not even begin to meet our standards; so to ensure you are getting only the absolute best, we personally test each product for at least three months prior to shelving it. 


As you explore our shaving brush collection, you may find yourself asking why a specific model or brand is not featured on our website; in many cases, it is because it did not meet our own quality standards, has received multiple negative reviews, or has failed our tried-and-true three month testing period.   


So, instead of stocking every brush on the market, just for the sake of having it, this section has been specifically tailored to help you find the perfect shaving brush for your rotation! We have created dedicated sections for some of the most well-known and highest quality brands in the wetshaving community; Edwin JaggerSimpsonsKENTOmegaVie-LongDovo Solingen, Boker, and Fine Accoutrements, all celebrated names, and each with their own background of success. You can be assured that any shaving brush you find in these collections will leave you nothing short of amazed at not only their value, but their intensely high-quality craftsmanship.