Straight Razor Maintenance

About Our Straight Razor Maintenance Section:


I've created this section specifically for the straight razor Hobbyist; anyone who likes to personally work on their razors, and maintain them with a superior level of care. 


There are certain maintenance and restoration tools that are just not readily available in-store or, in many cases, even online at all; products that are absolute must-haves when it comes to properly taking care of your straight razor. 


Straight Razor Oil, in particular, is an incredibly important component of straight razor maintenance; we recommend oiling your razor after every shave, in order to protect it. Just a couple of drops on each side is enough to cover the entire blade and tang. Remember to also oil the pivot pin once a month to stop oxidation before it happens!


Renaissance Wax is the ideal choice for keeping your straight razor blade and scales in perfect condition. While we recommend oiling the blade of your razor after every shave, renaissance wax only needs to be used every so often; exactly how often is up to you, depending on how frequently you shave, but making sure to give your razor a coating of Renaissance wax every month or two is a good start, in order to prevent oxidization. 


When it comes to repair or restoration, we offer high quality Pins and Washers, and a wide assortment of Replacement Scales. Sometimes, even if a straight razors blade has been perfectly maintained, the scales can crack or break, and cannot be salvaged. In these cases, or if you just want a brand new set of scales on your favourite razor, this section offers the exact tools you need to replace damaged or unwanted parts.