Restoration & Maintenance Supply Center

Welcome to our new Restoration Supply Center!

I created this section for those Hobbyist that like to work on their own Straight Razors and need restoration tools that are not readily available at your local hardware store or even on the net for that matter. I see questions all the time on the Forums with people asking where to buy Micro Washers, Pins, LED Loupes and Small 2 - 4 oz Ball Peen Hammers, etc... There are so many options out there and 70% are complete crap and either fall apart on you or you get taken advantage of with shipping charges or quality. I have spent the last year looking just for good quality magnification tools alone and have purchased 20 samples to find that most are so cheap they fall apart when you open the package. The most difficult search was for a pinning hammer. You would think that would have been the easiest task, 4oz Ball Peen please! First one arrived with a handle as long as my hand, hmmm that sure is SMALL. Second the head was plastic. The Third was an 8 oz from the local hardware store that didn't look anything like the picture. Well I finally found most of what is needed and I highly recommend the Ball Peen Hammer! It came from Germany and is perfect for pinning and will last you a lifetime. If you see something missing that would be a good product to make available please let me us. What is most important here is YOU! What you want is what we should carry so let me know in our product feedback if you like or dislike a product.