Dovo PRIMO II Double Safety Razor

The PRIMO II: Decades of Experience Condensed into a Shaving Masterpiece.

The name PRIMO translates to “at first”. PRIMO marks a new beginning. A new beginning for you, the wet shaver. More than a century worth of knowledge, condensed into 2 years of development, with a painful amount of development cycles, gave birth to this unparalleled shaving tool. Of course, Made in GERMANY.

In wet shaving, a miniscule difference in the geometry of the razor has a fundamental influence on your shaving experience. We aimed for the most intensely satisfying shaving experience possible. And, to the regret of all other safety razors, we were successful.

Bliss is with those who make PRIMO the integral part of their grooming routine. A meditative state that is unrivalled.

Material: Brass handle piece, zinc die-cast shaving head, surfaces electroplated, bright chrome

Safety Razor Type: Closed comb, straight cut

Locking System: Stabilized screw, three-part razor

Dimensions: 4.1 cm x 2.5 cm x 10.6 cm (Handle Diameter: 1 cm)

Includes 10 Pack of Dovo Super Platinum Safety Razor Blades

Made in Solingen, Germany