Mugs & Scuttles

It doesn't matter how much you spend on your Safety Razor or Straight Razor if you don't have a Perfect Lather to help out! So I have spent hundreds of hours searching for the perfect tools to assist in this matter. In regards to our mugs, bowls and Scuttle options, they are all from well known Brands such as Edwin Jagger, Col. Conk and much more soon to come. We are proud to introduce our new Classic Edge Shaving Scuttle which is a mix of New World Scuttle Design and yesterday's Perfect White China Scuttles that were so beautiful you wanted to Display them for visitors to see. The best part of this scuttle is that it actually keeps your lather warm, which wasn't something most other scuttle designs could boast. You'll know what I mean when you actually use it. I personally have purchased over 60 vintage and new scuttles from all over the world in my search to find the perfect scuttle. So enjoy the fruits of my labours and save yourself the time and buy the right one the first time. Thanks so much for visiting our website and check out our Video on creating a Lather in a Scuttle below.