Fine Accoutrements Safety Razors

About Fine Accoutrements:


Soon after discovering that the benefits of traditional wet shaving far exceeded all initial expectations, founder Todd Cerami (aka Mr. Fine) set out to create his own personal line of products, in order to enhance such an enticing daily ritual from a chore, to a genuine pleasure. 


He was immediately attracted to the idea of a less expensive, yet more effective shaving routine. In early 2005, he created Fine Accoutrements; a lineup of traditional shaving products that blend the best of the old, with the best of the new, in order to produce what is regarded as simply, the best.  


A quintessential example of form following function in design, Fine Safety Razors are built on the premise that they should be comfortable to use, yet highly efficient at mowing down stubble.  After scrutinizing every aspect of safety razor design, Mr. Fine produced a line of razors to accomplish just that; the result is truly a feat of modern engineering.