Straight Razors

Made specifically for those looking to achieve a professional, traditional, and all around ideal wetshaving experience; each of the drop-down sections found in our straight razor collection have been carefully tailored to help you find exactly what you need, in order to create your perfect shaving arsenal!


For those brand-new to the world of straight razor shaving, allow our Beginner and Straight Razor Set collections to help you navigate the differences between products, provide you with all of your starting essentials, and help ensure that even your first shaving experience, is nothing short of an excellent one!


If you're not exactly sure which razor model is right for you, or if you're just looking for another favourite to add to your rotation, we have created specifically dedicated sections for some of the most well-known and trusted brands in the wetshaving community; DovoBoker, and Ralf Aust, all renowned names, and each with their own background of success. You cannot go wrong with any of the razors featured in these collections!


Or, if you're looking for something genuinely unique to add to your arsenal, any true razor devotee appreciative of traditional quality and design will love the exceptional selection of razors found in our Vintage Straight Razor section.


For straight razor hobbyists, looking to repair or replace parts of an already beloved straight razor, our Straight Razor Maintenance section provides everything you need to personally customize and maintain your collection; and, when your razor starts to feel dull and lifeless after consistent use, entrust it to our Experienced Honemeister, Phil, and take advantage of our professional Sharpening Service.


Each straight razor comes professionally honed, and includes a complimentary re-honing, redeemable at any time at no extra charge. Like all straight razors leaving the Classic Edge, we take great care to ensure each blade is nothing short of perfect!