Toiletry Dopp Bags

About Our Toiletry Dopp Bags:


The term Dopp bag refers to a class of small toiletry bags, used to store personal grooming, shaving, and travel supplies. Named after the inventor, and German leather-goods maker Charles Doppelt, these bags were aptly termed "Dopps" shortly after their creation.


Since then, these kits have been praised for their renowned history, classic design, and convenient nature. While traditionally made of leather, they can also be found made of vinyl or cloth, come in a wide variety of size and colour, and boast a multitude of functions.


Overall, personal preference regarding appearance, material, and design are all important to consider when choosing your Dopp kit; for this exact reason, we have created this specially dedicated section in order to help you find the perfect addition for you and your routine! Whether you are looking for a case that is modern and fully-functional, or one with a classic, timeless design, you can be assured that any Dopp kit you find in the section below will be nothing short of exceptional.