About Vie-Long:


Established in 1940 in Valencia, Spain, the family-run Vie-Long specializes in manufacturing premium shaving brushes; not only maintaining the traditions and practices from their origins, but expertly incorporating modern technology in order to produce some of the best brushes in the entire shaving market.


With Vielong, you will have the opportunity to enjoy an exclusive and noticeably different shave. These shaving brushes, being handcrafted with natural horsehair, help distribute the shaving cream uniformly; which, in turn, allows us to use less of the cream. Being natural hair brushes, the bristles are able to reach under the beard and prepare it for a closer shave, since the skin is effectively exfoliated and softened.


Another added benefit of Vielong shaving brushes is that, during their use, the facial hairs are raised so you obtain a better angle for shaving. This results in a quicker, but longer lasting shave than other methods.



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