Slurry Stones

In this section you will find Slurry Stones and Rub Stones from all over the world. Are you knew to sharpening and asking yourself "What is a slurry stone"? A slurry stone helps in different ways. First and foremost they remove left over carbon from your knife or razors that plugs up the pours in your stone which make it much less affective. So by rubbing the surface with a slurry stone or Diamond card you are cleaning the surface to help bring new material to the surface which in turns speeds up the process. Slurry stones also leave behind what is called a slurry which helps in the honing process by creating a puddle of mud like substance which can speed the process. It can also change the grit value of the stone you are working with, for example. If you are using a 1,000 Grit stone and use a 6,000 grit Nagura Stone not only will you cut at the speed of a 1,000 Grit you will also smooth out the grain in the steel with the 6,000 grit. It can also work against you if you are using a 8,000 grit stone and use a 1,000 Grit slurry stone, because of the larger grain for the 1,000 grit will defeat the purpose of the 8,000 grit honing stone. So if that is the case make sure when cleaning your base stone with a lower grit slurry stone to wash off the slurry before honing. Take some time to experiment and try different set ups to get different results. It never hurts to have a higher grit slurry stone to take the guess work out of the process. I can go on and on about what you can do with a slurry stone but I recommend that you test it out yourself and see what works best for you.