About Simpsons:


Simpson shaving brushes are widely regarded as being among the finest in the world; particularly by the more discerning and dedicated grooming aficionados. The company has a deep rooted heritage within the shaving industry, and is generally spoken of as being nothing less than the benchmark when it comes to the production of precise, high quality shaving tools.


Scotsman Alexander E. Simpson began making shaving brushes in Clapham, London in 1919; after his factory in London was destroyed in the 1941 Blitz, Simpson moved his company to Nimmer Mills, Chard, Somerset. A 1963 issue of the magazine Gentlemen's Quarterly mentioned Ivory-handled Simpson (of London) brushes, and the motto "may not need replacing in your lifetime." A commentary that remains true to this day.


Today, they are perhaps the only remaining manufacturer of genuinely hand-made shaving brushes within Great Britain and the British Isles. Their extensive range of products, featured below, are manufactured in a large variety of styles and materials; making it easy for Simpson to become the number one choice when selecting your next brush.