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Family owned since 2010, we take great pride in our Craftsmanship and will ensure that every Straight Razor that leaves us is not only "Shave Ready" but is cleaned, polished and sanitized and coated with paraffin oil to protect your razor. 

No other shaving store in the world will stand behind their razors and products like we do. 

That's a promise.


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Shaving with a straight edge razor is the most conventional method of shaving.Browse our exclusive assortment of traditional, vintage, and replaceable blade straights, or shop our featured products and new straight edge razors. Have you ever shaved your face with a straight razor? It produces an incredibly close shave, resulting in a smoother, longer-lasting face. Straight razors are becoming increasingly popular among today's modern man, and traditionalists all over the world are celebrating their comeback. They will not only enable today's modern man to follow his forefathers' shaving practices, but they will also teach him the lost technique of honing and stropping a razor to get the perfect precise shave.

Is shaving with a straight razor easy?

Straight razor shaving, like any other talent, takes time and effort to master. Straight razor shaving is tough not because it involves a series of complex techniques, but because it takes time to learn how to hold the blade at the proper angle and maintain it. The straight razor edge must be maintained through stropping and honing, unlike disposable razors or double-edge razor blades, which can be tossed and replaced with a new sharp blade. So it takes a little more effort than other forms of shaving in that regard, but many fans appreciate the process of keeping their blade in good shape.

Is it a better shave with a straight edge razor?

There are a variety of techniques to shave well, but there are a few reasons why straight razor specialists consider it to be the "ideal" method. First, the long straight razor edge efficiently covers greater surface area. This cuts down on the number of passes and can help to alleviate irritation. Second, extending the skin, angling the blade, and maintaining a sharp edge provides you control over your shave and helps you to achieve the closest shave possible. You get the best results when you have the most control over your shave. Finally, you'll get the cleanest shave you've ever had - literally. You don't have to worry about a razor head gunking up because only the blade is in contact with your face.

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The Classic Edge Shaving Store is located in Port Rowan, Ontario, Canada and we ship across Canada, USA, and worldwide. Shop premium razors for men with excellent customer services and shipping times. Browse various shaving accessories and products online. The Classic Edge Shaving Store carries beard care, safety razors, straight edge razors, razor sharpening tools, shaving soap, body care, deodorant, hair care, aftershave, strops, paddles, shaving brushes, and many more high quality shaving products. Whether you need pre or post shave products, we got you covered! Buy straight edge razors and safety razors online today!