Dovo Bismarck 6/8 w/Faux Mother Of Pearl Scales

Dovo Straight Razors

The Bismarck is without question one of the better razors available today and isn't too hard on the eye's. With it's Faux Mother of Pearl Scales and it's Beautiful Gold Plated Blade it looks as nice as it shaves! The blade is produced from top-quality Swedish carbon-steel and is a little larger than your average starter razor but is well balanced and easy to strop, and like any Carbon Steel razor holds a mean edge. It achieves the highest degree of hardness, elasticity and resistance to wear. The blade depth is 6/8" and it is full hollow ground. The blade is inlaid with an attractive 24K gold emblem reading "Bismarck - Best German Hollow Ground". The satin finish blade also features gold plating of the entire spine, shank and tang.

Please allow a minimum of at least 3 - 4 business days for us to prepare your Straight Razor, as this is not just a product that you buy just anywhere. It needs special attention to detail as it will come in contact with your skin and must be sanitized and polished, followed by a coating of Tuf-Glide. Would you rather a shaving store that will rush your razor out the next morning or a Artisan owned shaving store that is extreme when it comes to making their clients 100% satisfied. It's our job to ensure your experience is perfect, and if not perfect it's our job to correct any mistakes as soon as possible. We cannot thank you enough for visiting our website and hope you have a great day.

Note: When you receive the razor for the first time take it out of the box and remove the oil with a piece of tissue, the razor has already been stropped and it is completely "Shave Ready", so go ahead and shave. You will get 2 - 3 shaves before needing to strop. Each time you have used your razor, rinse the blade with hot tap water. Carefully and thoroughly dry the blade and in between the scales with a piece of tissue paper before you close it. If you intend to leave your razor unused for several days, oil the blade using mineral oil to protect the surface from moisture and humidity. To maintain a sharp cutting edge, strop regularly prior to shaving.

Grind: 6/8 Full Hollow

Metal: Swedish Carbon Steel

Made in Solingen, Germany

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