Strop Paste

About Our Abrasives and Conditioners:

In this section, you can find all kinds of strop abrasives and conditioners, that will not only help you maintain an almost unbelievably sharp edge on your straight razor, but will help your strop remain in excellent working condition for years to come!


Done correctly, you can use these types of stropping abrasives to keep your razor Shave Ready for as long as a year and a half; reducing what feels like the constant need to send your straight razor out for honing. Do keep in mind that if you strop with abrasives too much, or too aggressively, you will dull the edge prematurely. 

Some common abrasive-stropping compounds include chromium oxide, iron oxide, and ground diamond particles, and are available in a range of different compositions, forms, and grits. For a convenient and seamless application, the abrasives found below come in a variety of easy-to-use mediums; including paste, wax bars, and sprays. 

Conditioners and Leather Strop Balms

Keeping your strop soft and supple will not only dramatically increase the life of your strop, but will allow you to keep all of your straight razors in near-perfect condition; providing you with continuously flawless shaves, time and time again. The regular use of strop conditioners will help you achieve this incredible level of care, promoting the longevity of both your strops and razors. 

Best used when applied to a clean leather strop, free from previous strop pastes, some of the high-quality conditioners you can find below include leather strop balms, oil, and paste.