Straight Razor Sets

Straight Razor Sets for Beginner and Experienced Shavers

I have put this section together for anyone setting out to truly master the coveted art of straight razor shaving; here you can find a wide selection of convenient sets, created to provide exactly what you need to get started. For those not familiar with straight razors, or how to maintain and use them, these sets allow you to purchase all of the essentials at once. This way, you are ensured to get the most out of your shaving experience; whether it is your first time, or your first hundredth!

Regarding some of the items you will find in this section:

Strop: When owning any straight razor, a strop is an absolute must-have in order to properly maintain the edge of the blade; you truly can not have one without the other!

Straight Razor Oil: A very important addition to any set; we recommend oiling your razor after every shave, in order to protect it. Just a couple of drops on each side is enough to cover the entire blade and tang. Remember to also oil the pivot pin once a month to stop oxidation before it happens!

Brush, Stand, and Shaving Soap: You may be asking, "well, why do I need a special badger brush and shaving soap?" Don't get me wrong, you can still use the Aerosol shaving foam that comes in a can, but we would highly suggest otherwise. Instead, we want you to achieve the ideal shave you get with traditional wet shaving, so we've included a proper shaving soap in many of our sets to help you do just that! Combined with the authentic badger brush, the water and shaving soap hydrate the skin and soften the hairs, helping the razor cut, and preventing the uncomfortable pulling of hair. After every use, it is important to hang your brush to dry, so many of our sets also include an acrylic brush stand.

Alum and Styptic: Ok Phil, we understand all of this so far, but why the little Styptic Stick, or the Alum Block? These last products are the ones I pray you won't need! But it's better safe than sorry, as it is only a matter of time before you get that maddening little nick or cut. When this happens, simply run some cool water, wet the stick, lightly touch the area and BAM! The bleeding stops instantly! Say goodbye to sticking that heart-rending piece of tissue paper on the cut, and hoping the bleeding stops in a few minutes. Trust me, while these products are not included in every set, they are an excellent addition to your arsenal if you are accident prone!

Each straight razor comes professionally honed, and includes a complimentary re-honing, redeemable at any time at no extra charge. Like all straight razors leaving the Classic Edge, we take great care to ensure each blade is nothing short of perfect!