Dovo Best Quality 5/8 Straight Razor Set, BEST VALUE!

We  created this set to help simplify the task of getting started into the World of Straight Razor Shaving. Everything that was chosen is good quality products that will last a lifetime with care. The Dovo Best Quality 5/8 Full Hollow Ground Blade is a simple good quality razor from Germany, that is perfect for someone new to Straight Razor Shaving . The Scales are synthetic black two piece scales.  To shed some light for our clients with little to no razor knowledge, all Straight Razors from most other retailers DO NOT come professionally sharpened. What this means is, all Straight Razors come from the Factory with a basic factory edge which needs to be refined on water stones to make it "Shave Ready''. This is what sets The Classic Edge Shaving Store apart from other shaving stores in the world. We have a Honemeister on site that Professionally sharpens each and every Straight Razor to perfection, so that when you open the package, all you have to do is shave! No stropping is needed and we actually recommend that you do not strop the razor as we have already taken care of this for you. We also include a follow up sharpening ticket FREE of charge so when your razor is ready to be sent in for a day at the Spa. Please give us 2-3 days to sharpen the razor as they have to be sharpened by hand. If we can ship it out faster, we will do so. Thank you!"

Included in this set is our NEW 3" Corium Leather Board Strop, which is easily the best choice for your first strop as it is simple yet VERY effective way to strop your straight razor. By using a board strop, it takes the learning curve out of stropping. Everyone cuts or nicks their first strop when learning, which is why we recommend a less expensive option the first time through. Keep in mind that less expensive doesn't mean less quality, made with the smoothest leather available with amazing feedback and it's the same high quality leather "The Professional" is made from.

For the shaving brush we have The Classic Edge Brand Ebony Pure Badger Shaving Brush, which is our most popular brush by a landslide. Please remember to use the Brush Acrylic Stand that we include as it is very important to hang your brush to dry after each use! Doing this will help the brush last for years to come.

For the soap, we have included the Proraso Shaving Soap, this premium shaving cream lathers easily and prepares your face for a close yet soothing and comfortable shave, you won't be disappointed with this high quality soap. Not only does it lather like a champ, but it smells absolutely delicious! Comes in 3 different scents: Sandalwood, Eucalyptus, and Green Tea!

*NOTE: When you checkout, please state in the comment section which shaving cream you would like, otherwise we can choose one for you. They all smell great!*

FREE GIFT: A very important addition to this set is the Straight Razor oil, which should be used after every shave to protect your Carbon Steel Razor. Just a few drops per side is enough.

Grind: Full Hollow

Metal: Swedish Carbon Steel

Point: Round

Handle: Plastic

Country: Solingen, Germany