About Our Straight Razor Sharpening Service:

Feel completely at ease when entrusting your straight razor to our Experienced Honemeister, Phil, who treats every razor entering The Classic Edge as if it were his very own!

Click on one of the Honing Packages below, where you can find the specific details regarding our professional honing service.

Please allow a minimum of at least 2-3 business days for us to prepare your Straight Razor, as this is not a product that you buy just anywhere. It needs special attention to detail as it will come in contact with your skin, and must be sanitized and polished before being coated with Renaissance Wax. This careful and considerate attention to each razor is the difference between a shaving store that will rush your razor out the next morning, and our own Artisan-owned shaving store that is nothing less than extreme when it comes to making their clients 100% satisfied. It's our job to ensure that your experience is perfect. We cannot thank you enough for visiting our website, and we hope you have a great day!