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Boker Antica Barbieria Colla 7/8 Straight Razor

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It is long overdue that we present a Barber Story together with a company from Italy, a country with a long and rich tradition of fine art and culture in general, and beard culture in particular. We are very pleased that we could win the Antica Barbieria Colla from Milan for this, which is exceptionally rich in tradition. Barbieria Colla was founded in 1904 by Dino Colla. Due to its proximity to the famous Scala in Milan, there was a great coming and going of prominent actors, singers, writers, politicians and artists of all kinds from the very beginning. Under the management of Franco Bompieri - the owner from 1949 to 2019 - the reputation of the Barbieria continued to grow. Franco was not only a passionate barber, but also a member of the cultural establishment himself and a well-known novelist. Through his eventful life and contact with his customers from the most diverse social classes, he was able to paint a detailed picture of society in post-war Italy in his novels.

Today, Barbieria Coll is run by Franco's daughter Francesca Bompieri. She has added a whole new dimension to the family business. Since the beginning of its existence, Barbieria Colla has worked for the perfect individual service to the customer with its own beard and skin-care products. For a long time, however, there was no uniform brand under which customers could purchase these products to take home after their visit to continue the good Barbieria feeling. Recognizing this shortcoming, Francesca applied her marketing skills to establish the Antica Barbieria Colla private label. Meanwhile, these products are no longer only available in Italy. This is another reason why the customers at number 3 Via Gerolamo Morone are becoming increasingly international.

Francesca, in accordance with her own values, has designed a razor that is classic and adorned in every way, but not overloaded. The centrepiece is a powerful 7/8-inch-wide blade made of traditional best silver steel with an equally traditional round head. The spine is finished by our grinders with wide curved ornamental grooves that echo the decorative design found on Barbieria Colla grooming products. For safer handling with soapy hands, the tang is finished with an intricate serration. The ivory Elforyn handle scales with red G10 liners take on the classy colour code of the Antica Barbieria Colla product line. The founding year of1904 and the name of the city can be found on the blade, the brand name on the handle scales. The careful composition creates an image of grandeur and noblesse. It is provided with an authentic Boker stamp in the blade handle, certificate of authenticity and frame box. It is handmade in the Boker Manufactory in Solingen and limited to 99 pieces.

Like any other razor sold by The Classic Edge Shaving Store, this razor is professionally honed to "shave ready" by Phil. This $25 Value is our way of showing you that we are willing to take our Customer Service to the next level. After all, nothing is worse than buying a Straight Razor as a gift for a loved one, only for them to open the box and realize that they now have to send it away to be sharpened before they can use it. Also included is a free follow up honing that can be used once your razor is in need of a fresh edge.

Please allow a minimum of at least 3-4 business days for us to prepare your Straight Razor, as this is not a product that you buy just anywhere. It needs special attention to detail as it will come in contact with your skin, and must be sanitized and polished before being coated with Renaissance Wax. This careful and considerate attention to each razor is the difference between a shaving store that will rush your razor out the next morning, and our own Artisan-owned shaving store that is nothing less than extreme when it comes to making their clients 100% satisfied. It's our job to ensure that your experience is perfect. We cannot thank you enough for visiting our website, and we hope you have a great day.

Note: When you receive the razor for the first time, carefully take it out of the box and remove the oil with a piece of tissue. The razor has already been stropped and it completely "Shave Ready", so go ahead and shave! You will get 2 shaves before needing to strop (depending on how aggressive your beard growth is. Each time you have used your razor, rinse the blade with hot tap water. Carefully and thoroughly dry the blade and in between the scales with a piece of tissue paper before you close it. We recommend to oil your razor after every use. To maintain a sharp cutting edge, strop regularly prior to shaving.

Grind: Full Hollow

Blade Width: 7/8

Point: Round

Metal: Carbon Steel

Handle:  Faux Ivory Elforyn with Red G10 Linear

Made in Solingen, Germany by Böker`

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Pierre the Diver
A another piece added to my collection

To be honest, I never bought a razor anywhere else than the Classic Edge. Why looking somewhere else when you already get the best customer service. Before making any decision, I always ask the master, Phil, for advice and this time, lime every time, the man's right. The picture don't show how beautiful this razor really is. It's another thing I like about Böker razor's, it's their limited edition. Phil and Jane always answer my question and really give the best service ever. That's what you get when you deal with local family own business. Thank you again for all do.