Safety Razor Sets

Safety Razor Sets for Beginner and Experienced Shavers


This section has been specifically created to help you get exactly what you need in order to achieve that perfect, almost unbelievably seamless wet shaving routine. Here you can purchase all of the essentials at once, ensuring you get the most out of your shaving experience!


Regarding some of the items you will find in this section:


Apothecary Mug: Designed to conveniently hold your soap while you lather, we have included these shaving mugs in many of our sets, as they genuinely transform and improve a wet shaving experience like no other. These Apothecary Mugs are truly a pleasure to work with; when you hold it, you can practically feel the quality of this handmade work of art. 


Blade Bank and Blades: We have also included a Black Razor Blade Bank in almost all of our sets; a useful addition allowing you to dispose of your old razor blades with ease. When full, simply discard the bank and start with a new one. It is completely safe and sanitary! 


Brush, Stand, and Shaving Soap: You may be asking, "well, why do I need a special badger brush and shaving soap?" Don't get me wrong, you can still use the Aerosol shaving foam that comes in a can, but we would highly suggest otherwise. Instead, we want you to achieve the ideal shave you get with traditional wet shaving, so we've included a proper shaving soap in many of our sets to help you do just that! Combined with the authentic badger brush, the water and shaving soap hydrate the skin and soften the hairs, helping the razor cut, and preventing the uncomfortable pulling of hair. After every use, it is important to hang your brush to dry, so many of our sets also include an acrylic brush stand.