Merkur Safety Razors

About Merkur of Solingen:


Merkur of Solingen, named after the Roman Mercury, messenger of the Gods, has been an incredibly well-known and trusted name in the shaving industry since 1896. 


With an amazing range of highly functional and affordable razors, the German-based company designs only premium quality safety razors; all of which making the perfect practical grooming accessory for anyone looking for a flawless shave.


Used over countless generations of wet shaving lovers, Merkur razors will easily last you a lifetime; continuing to offer the perfect shave, day after day. 


Great for both beginners and advanced shavers, Merkur razors continually exceed the already high standards of the Solingen ordinance, which protects Germany's finest cutlery manufacturers. Merkur's demand of high quality, functionality and design continue to impress even the most demanding of users.