When it comes to those new to the world of safety razor shaving, we want to ensure every first experience is nothing short of an outstanding one. Not all razors are made the same, and while some are complete all-rounders, others are created as unique specialized tools; below you can find some of the basic information regarding the functional variations between different safety razors, in order to help you pick out the perfect razor for you!


Safety Razor Types:


Safety razors with a Closed Comb include a corrugated safety bar on their head, a feature that allows a particularly gentle shaving experience. To use these razors, it is recommended to glide them over your skin with very little, if any, pressure. Due to the nature of the closed comb, the risk of accidental nicks or cuts are relatively low, making them an ideal choice for beginners!


Open Comb razors differ slightly from their closed comb counterparts, and without the added protection of a safety bar, they are recommended for more experienced wetshavers. These razors are particularly useful for denser beards or body hair, as their design allows them to run through even the thickest hair unclogged. The grooves featured at the head effortlessly guide hair into the blade, allowing them to avoid buildup from soap residue or removed hair, and making them an excellent choice for that close, quality, sought-after shave.


Adjustable safety razors, unlike other models, are true all-rounders. They feature a fully customizable blade gap, allowing you to easily change the degree of blade exposure with the turn of a dial (typically located at either the top or the bottom of the handle). With these razors, you can decide the thoroughness of each shave; in fact, its customizable nature allows the adjustable safety razor to truly shine in any shaving routine!


Slant Bars are exceptionally unique razors; characterized by the comb and plate being twisted against each other. This gives the blade a more aggressive angle, and is recommended for experienced shavers with thicker hair, or especially strong beard growth. 


Handle Length and Weight:


The varying lengths and weights of different razors can completely transform your shaving experience. Razors with a Long Handle typically make shaving body hair a more comfortable experience, allowing you to reach even difficult parts of your body, and are ideal for broader shaving areas. Shorter Handles are typically more agile, assist in guiding the natural path of the razor, and are ideal for more complex shaving areas, as they are provide an added sense of mobility and maneuverability. When shaving the face, either handle type can be used, as personal preference, face shape, and skill level often determine the favoured length of the handle. 


Heavier Handles are particularly useful for shaving both the face and small areas of the body; their high dead weight allowing you to use gravity to your advantage, as these razors require significantly less pressure to achieve a perfect shave. Lighter Handles, on the other hand, offer their own set of advantages; their lower weight making them significantly more agile and maneuverable, while remaining completely comfortable in the hand.