Dovo Care Set No. 1

The DOVO Care Set No. 1 contains the essentials for nose and nails, at home or when travelling. Give your nose hair the perfect trim with the DOVO Klipette and the nail clippers for taming your claws. In the high-quality cowhide case, the beard care essentials will accompany you wherever you go!

Included in the set:


Nail Clipper


Stainless Steel 1.4034 satin

Leather Properties:

Finest, robust cowhide leather black


Paper and cardboard, embossed and gilded

Guide: Insert cutting head of the Klipette with thumb and index finger of one hand. Carefully rotate lower cylinder back and forth with your other hand in short rapid movements. Hair is cut cleanly without being pulled.

Maintenance: To ensure that your DOVO Klipette will serve you well for a long time, you should check the tightness of the screw from time to time and tighten it a little if necessary. Dry the Klipette thoroughly after use and oil it a little if necessary.
If the Klipette is dirty, loosen the screw to separate the bottom and top part and clean them with clear water or alcohol. Dry them carefully and treat them with light-coloured fine oil. The cutting crown must not be damaged by impact.

Made in Germany