Herold Solingen

Herold Solingen Hanging Leather Strop 22.5" Long x 3.1" Wide

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Video:  How to Strop a Straight Razor

This Herold Solingen Hanging Strop is the widest strop on the market. Its width enables you to strop in a simple forward and back motion - without having to use an "X" pattern like you do with narrower strops. The leather side re-aligns the incredibly thin 'fin' at the edge of the blade that gives the straight razor its legendary sharpness. In effect, stropping a straight razor gives you a new edge for each shave. This is a once piece strop and has amazing feedback, all you need to maintain your razor! Made from the finest Cowhide Leather, it measures 3.1" in width, 22.5" in total length and has a workable length of 15.25". Also features stitched and riveted construction for durability and a nickel-plated swiveling loop for hanging and a D-type at the base to hold the strop taut.

Total length: 22.5" x 3.1"

Workable Area: 15.25" x 3.1"

Made in Solingen, Germany