Herold Solingen

Herold Solingen Leather Hanging Strop 18" Long

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Video: How to Strop a Straight Razor

This high-quality cowhide leather strop with linen backing is the ideal companion for your straight razor. In order to maintain their extremely keen edge, straight razors must be stropped before each use. The leather side re-aligns the incredibly thin 'fin' at the edge of the blade that gives the straight razor its legendary sharpness. The linen side can be used for strop pastes and abrasives. In effect, stropping a straight razor gives you a new edge for each shave. It features nickel-plated swivel hanging hook and D-type handles. This is a once piece strop and has amazing feedback, all you need to maintain your razor.

Total length: 18" / 1 3/4" Width

Workable Area: 12" x 1 3/4"

Made in Solingen, Germany