The Classic Edge Shaving Store

Free Re-Hone Service, Return Shipping Charges Apply at Checkout


 Our Free Re-Hone Service is meant exclusively for those who have purchased their razor from The Classic Edge, and are in need of their FIRST Complimentary Re-Hone. The service is free, but please note you will be charged for return shipping at checkout, a cost that will vary depending on the return location.

PLEASE NOTE: In regards to all of our honing services, we only accept straight razors purchased at The Classic Edge. In order to get razors out to customers within a reasonable time, and ensure that our returning clients remain a priority, we can unfortunately no longer accept razors bought from other stores. This difficult decision is one nearly 15 years in the making; it devastates us to do so, but continuing to accept razors not purchased from The Classic Edge, and extending the honing service turnaround time, is unfair to our own customers.

Currently, the turnaround time is 2-4 weeks. We apologize greatly for the inconvenience! Ideally, professional honing services would be offered anywhere straight razors are sold; as this is yet to be the case, we do our best to keep up!

But trust us when we say, this wait is by no means a bad thing! Proper honing is something that simply cannot be rushed, as much as we wish there was a machine that could it for us! However, due to their unique nature, different razors often require an equally different level of treatment. We consider every straight razor to have its own spirit and disposition and, because of this, give each the careful, considerate, and personal attention it deserves. 

Our experienced Honemeister, Phil, is nothing short of extreme when it comes to quality, and insists every razor he touches be made nothing shy of absolutely perfect. 

That being said, if you only have one razor, and simply cannot wait for the perfect, shave-ready straight razor you are guaranteed with our service, please do not hesitate to call us at 416-574-1592 and let us know to speed up your order if there is a rush!

About Our Service and Shipping Procedure:

complimentary first service with any razor purchased on our website, if you entrust to us this special privilege, like all other straight razors leaving the Classic Edge, we will take great care to ensure this edge is perfect in every way. As always, a final polishing will be done after honing, to give this razor the remarkable shine it had the day it came out of the factory. We also check the pivot pin for proper movement, and make sure that the blade is centered correctly; while in our hands, we take the extra time to tighten the pins, guaranteeing a smooth, freely moving blade. 

If you have an extremely rare straight razor, please call us at 416-574-1592, or send us an email at, so that we can discuss special shipping options. 

Please Ship to the following address:

The Classic Edge Shaving Store
23 College Avenue, Box 462
Port Rowan, Ontario
N0E 1M0, Canada

For razors coming from the U.S.A and all other International Countries: On the customs and declaration, please mark a low value of $1.00 and state that this purchase is a "Repair Service." Otherwise, we will be charged with customs and duties fee. Please do not state the cost of your razor if possible or mark down $1.00.

Note: All razors must be rust free and cleaned before sending them in. These are sanitary items and we ask this for our staff's safety. When shipping your razor (in a bubble envelope or small box, both being safe options), please include a small note with your name, phone number, address, and the Order ID# of the razor purchase you made with us. Keep in mind, it is best to pack your razor with cardboard on each side (ideally in a coffin box), and place it in a waterproof plastic bag in order to fully protect it.

Shipping Insurance:

We know that mailing out a prized straight razor can sometimes be daunting; so, to ensure all of our customers are completely comfortable and confident when it comes to sending their razors out for sharpening, we offer a few additional shipping insurance options! The following options cover the specified amount, for their own individual fee:

Coverage up to $250 (+11 CAD)

Coverage up to $350 (+$14 CAD)

Coverage up to $450 (+$16 CAD)

Coverage up to $550 (+$18 CAD)

Coverage up to $750 (+$21 CAD)

Coverage up to $1000 (+$25 CAD)

Coverage up to $1500 (+$31 CAD)

Coverage up to $2500 (+$45 CAD)

If you don't wish to purchase any additional insurance, the regular sharpening price is also available! Without additional insurance, the regular cost will cover up to $100.

Unlike our other sharpening services, the free re-hones are never sold out; this is our way of ensuring that our returning clients are taken care of first, no matter how busy we are!

As a small, family-run business, we do our best to satisfy all of our customers, and are happy to go that extra mile anytime we can; if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us! Have a great day, and thank you for your continued loyalty!

Note: We no longer hone Thiers Issard, except any purchased from us when we did sell them. Even though the quality has dropped to the point where we do not work on them, or sell them, we still stand behind all past purchases. Many know Thiers has dropped in quality over the years, but it came to a point that we could not knowingly sell something that is just not up to our standards. There are many brands my competitors sell that we do not, and to be completely honest... it hurts the pocketbook missing out on these sales, but I (Phil) can sleep at night knowing I did not, and will not take advantage of a new person to the wet shaving world, that may not know that they are buying a product that does not keep an edge with regular stropping, or have needless issues like uneven bevels, warped blades, flimsy warped scales, etchings that are not straight or worst of all... metal that is too hard. Yes, 61 Rockwell is too hard for a straight razor. Don't take my word for it, ask the experts, Boker and Dovo. Companies of the past and present aim for 54 to 58 Rockwell. Being able to hone your razor easily is part of the requirement of this timeless tool. For those coming to our site looking to get your Thiers honed from another vendor, please accept my apology. Spending weekends for the last 15 years honing only Thiers razors because they are too labour-intense during the weekdays, and missing my daughter grow up and delaying my clients razors to a point that they are upset...... It was just too much...... This was the hardest decision I have made period.