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Straight Razor Honing/Sharpening Service

Straight Razor Honing:

NOTE: Currently, the turnaround time is 3-4 weeks. Sorry for the inconvenience!

*The charge for our standard Straight Razor Sharpening service is $25 plus shipping and tax.

From Canada Please Ship to:

The Classic Edge Shaving Store
23 College Avenue, Box 330
Port Rowan, Ontario
N0E 1M0, Canada

From U.S.A and International Countries:

Please Ship to the following address below. On the customs and declaration, please mark a low value of $10.00 and state that this purchase is a "Repair Service" otherwise we will be charged with customs and duties fee. Please do not state the cost of your razor.

The Classic Edge Shaving Store
23 College Avenue, Box 330
Port Rowan, Ontario
N0E 1M0, Canada

Please note: Presently the wait is 1-2 weeks. If you only have one razor please call us at 416-574-1592 and let us know to speed up your order if there is a rush. We wish there were more honers in this business but there isn't, so we do our best to keep up. Phil is extreme when it comes to quality, and honing is just not something that can be rushed, trust us when we say we wish there was a machine that could do this for us! Also please note that we are not accepting the following straight razors, Wedge Razors, Gold Dollars, Golddachs Solingen, any Fromm razors. Sorry about this but most of the wedge's that come in are old Sheffields that are full of problems. Return Shipping included in the price!

The most important aspect of enjoying Straight Razor shaving is having a blade that has been sharpened to it’s maximum potential. This is what provides that completely clean, close and comfortable shave that we Straight Razor users enjoy so much. Honing a Straight Razor is not like sharpening a knife. The stones used for Straight Razors are a much higher Grit rating - from about 1,000 to as much as 30,000‘grit’ (the bigger the number, the smaller the particles of stone and the smoother the stone). There is one exception to this rule however, as of late some Professional Chef's have been taking their knives to the next level sharpening their knives with grit ratings as high as 8,000 Grit. What some new Honers do to get an idea of what "Shave Ready" actually feels like, is to send in their Straight Razor in for Professional Honing in order to feel what a "Shave Ready" razor shaves like. This is the example they need in order to strive for the same results.

A ‘full set’ of stones is quite an investment along with learning to hone being a task in itself, so why not send out your new razor to a Honemeister for professional attention. The Classic Edge Shaving Store is pleased to offer world class honing service provided by owner Phil Sanchez. Phil has spent years learning the art of sharpening a razor and brings that art and skill to each and every razor we sharpen. Each razor has a will of it's own, from a straight forward hollow ground that is perfectly flat on the stone, to a 9/8's smiling 100 year old Wedge that is warped from one end to the other. Let the experience of thousands and thousands of sharpened razors put the edge back on your razor.

The charge for our standard Straight Razor Sharpening service is $25 plus shipping and tax. Included in the service is a cosmetic polish to brighten that now dull blade, we check the pivot pin for proper movement and that the blade is centered correctly, while in our hands we take the extra time to tighten the pins and insure you have a smooth free moving blade, minor repair are usually just taken care of but if there is more serious damage, we will inform you and dicuss what needs to be done (We do not restore Razors). The razors that require more than the “standard” service as a result of chips in the edge or poor condition will need extra care which we can decide what the next step is. The charge for honing or repairing these razors will be determined individually and require examination. We never take on any new out of the box task without the permission of the client.

How do I proceed once I have purchased this service? You will find our mailing address at the Contact page along with our phone number incase you would like to contact us. You can also email us from there. Mail in your razor and make sure to include a little note stating the scope of work to be done. We do not accept cheques. Please purchase on the Website only thank you.


When returning your Straight Razor we do not supply insurance as we do not know the value of your Straight Razor. Once a $200 razor is purchased it is no longer worth $200 like a car that just came off the lot. So if you feel you are sending in a High Value razor please contact us and ask for Insurance so we can quote you. Once your razor is in the hands of the carrier they are no longer the responsibility of The Classic Edge Shaving Store. We use Canada Post for all our shipping needs and have shipped thousands of razors without problems. Of course this doesn't mean they are perfect!

Below is a list of razor brands we hone, if your razor is not here please call us to make sure we accept the brand you have.

Boker of Germany

Dovo of Germany

Hart Steel Razors of The United States

Thiers Issard of France. Except Le Legend models or Petit

J.A Henckels

Wacker of Germany

Ralph Aust

We do not hone the following:

Gold Dollars

Giesen & Forsthoff


If you see a missing company please feel free to Contact Us to update this list, there is no question that there is room for a New Razor maker in the World! There are many Custom Razor makers out there, some make razors that are good and some don't. Ask questions before you buy one, can it be honed like a regular razor? If the answer is "No" then make sure the maker will re-hone the razor for you. Just because a Custom Razor maker is selling their razor for $1,500 does not mean it is a proper Straight Razor.

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