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Sea Dog Wooden Matches (240 Pack)

Each pack of these unique Sea Dog matches features a pictorial vintage label, great quality graphics, and a sturdy box containing 240 wooden safety matches.

Match Length: 2.5" 

Made in Sweden

Customer Reviews

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pGooch Match Connoisseur
Bathroom Essential

I sought these out after the main brand (with a red bird) fell in quality after changing their factory to a country that allows child labour - one of those red birds broke and lit my shirt on fire. No more boxes with red birds for me!

These Sea Dogs are great! Strong wood, consistent dip, and a robust striker that doesn't wear out before the matches are used up. They do not break and do not send little balls of flame onto my clothes. Win!
One little short strike fires it right up.
I use these as bathroom air freshners because I cannot tolerate the horrible Plugins, spray cans, candles, febre*ze, etc. These matches are awesome. They neutralize nasty bathroom smells instantly and leave a nice smell that isn't too strong. The smoke is light and gets sucked up and out of my fan vent without leaving gross oily residue on my stuff like those Plugins, candles etc do. I light these over the bathroom sink, blow out, and wet the match head before discarding. I'll definitely be buying these again!

Jean-Francois Martin
Best matches in the world !

I ran out of matches last month and expected to easily find another box from this brand « Sea Dog ». Finally after doing research in some local stores, I tried my luck on the internet and found this website.

Great service and Product.


Quality matches

Great matches, light easy and don't burn down too quickly. Been using these all summer for bonfires, barbeques, etc. Bought the Regal Cigar Matches that Classic Edge offers on here as well. Both brands are good quality matches, glad they're available here at Classic Edge...(sometime lighters are just not the tool for the job, seems to be more and more difficult to find quality matches, the cheapo dollar store brands are garbage, and the old Red Bird brand seems to have morphed into some junk excuse for a simple match). Keep carrying these for sure!

Another good match.

These are very good quality matches, easy to light, the wood is strong so doesn't break like those 'cheapo' wooden matches you find at the dollar type stores. Used to always buy the Red Bird brand, but they've become scarce as of was glad to find these offered by Classic Edge. (Bought the Regal cigar matches as well, they're also very good). Thanks to all at Classic Edge for offering all the fantastic shave products and the World Class customer service.