Thiers-Issard Sabatier

Thiers-Issard "Bijou De France" 7 day Straight Razor Set

* If you would like to purchase this straight razor set, please email us at to arrange for payment.

Please Note: Thiers-Issard Razors tend to have hone wear and uneven bevels straight from the factory. Thiers-Issard considers this “within their normal tolerances” so we will no longer try to weed out these types of issues. They are so prevalent that we are finding it nearly impossible to get ones without these issues. We feel customers should know this about the product before purchasing so they can make informed choices. We will not be able to exchange items for these issues. Please keep this in mind when ordering this brand.

Introducing the most beautiful 7 day set we have laid our eyes on! Thiers-Issard has outdone themselves with this wonderful collection! Made of the New C135 Carbon Song, these are true singing razors with Natural Blond Horn Scales, no two are alike. You can see that each spine is different from the next and has beautiful spine work on each razor along with the days of the week in English. We will supply these razors professionally honed and polished to perfection. Each razor can go 6 months if properly stropped before needing to be honed. So, with 7 razors, you will not need to get them honed for 3 1/2 years, some longer depending on your experience and beard type and whether you use paste or not. This is truly an Heirloom to be passed on generation to generation.

Made in Thiers, France