Classic Edge Shaving

Classic Edge Charcoal Shaving Cream, Made in England

Our most recommended shaving cream and easily the best value! Presented in a screw-thread tub, this Classic Edge shaving cream has been specially formulated without parabens making it suitable for sensitive skin.

The Classic Edge Charcoal Shaving Cream has a woody scent with a blend of strong cedarwood and sea bleached sandalwood, livened with fruity floral notes and a hint of coffee. Creamy vanilla and patchouli warm from the base, balanced with sugary accords and musks. In addition to charcoal that helps remove dirt and toxins from the skin as you shave. It contains nutrients which also soothe, soften, moisturize, and reduce redness of the skin which may occur during shaving, as well as promoting skin healing and regeneration. Perfect for those that suffer from In-grown hairs. The true test of a high-end shaving soap is shaving with a straight razor, and this soap comes out on top each and every time.

Directions for Use:

Without Shaving Brush: Wet face with warm water, take a small drop of shaving cream and spread across the face using fingers working the cream to even coverage.

With Shaving Brush: Dip Shaving Brush in warm water, shake excess moisture from brush. Apply a small amount of shaving cream to the brush. Using the brush, apply the shaving cream to the face with a circular or brushing motion building lather and providing even coverage. Enjoy your shave!

Size: 6 oz/170 g

Skin Types: Dry, Normal, Oily

Fragrance Notes: Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Benzoin, Nagarmotha, Patchouli, Musk, Vanilla Fruity, Coffee / Floral and Sugar Syrup

Made in England

Customer Reviews

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Used to be Ginger J.
Stellar shave soap

This charcoal cream lathers extremely well and provides lots of lubrication with a nice buffer. Very little cream required to make a substantial amount of lather. Very nice post shave feel. I really enjoy the scent.

Christian S
Customer review

Phil and Jane kindly included a sample of this superb cream with my last order. It’s enough for three shaves—a little goes a very long way. I built up a thick, silky lather in no time and I’m pleased to say that this is some of the slickest and most soothing cream I’ve ever used. It’s very soft and hydrating, and most importantly it’s non-irritating for my sensitive skin. Whatever light fragrance is in there didn’t cause any reaction—quite the contrary, it’s very pleasant and only enhances the experience.

In my world it’s hard to beat the Nivea sensitive skin line as well as the Proraso White line for same (I care most about slickness, cushion, hydration, and non-irritation), but this Classic Edge Charcoal cream has outdone both and will become my go-to shave cream. A full container is on its way!

Customer review

Also wasn't sure about charcoal soap but I tried the sample Phil and Jane sent to me after reading the reviews. This stuff is great. Lathers very well, excellent lub and good skin protection. Plus the very light fragrance doesn't mess with your aftershave. At this price it's a no brainer. Ordered a tub the same day.

Customer review

Thanks Phil for the sample. I'm still new to wet shaving but I'm a big fan of TOBS. I was surprised at how easy this lathers and the smell is okay because I used a charcoal based cleanser before I shave. I can add this soap t8 my list of good quality high end soap.

Chad P
Customer review

Was slightly apprehensive about charcoal shaving soap. I'm glad I got over it, because this might be some of the slickest cream I've ever used.

The smell is very mild, but pleasant. Reminds me of talcum? The feel is thick, and very slippery.

Felt great going on my face, no burn or sting. Very easy to build lather.

In total, the lather up took about 20 seconds to build, no joke! It was some of the slickest, if not THE slickest cream\soap I've ever used. Fantastic lubrication! Out performed my Edwin Jagger and Prorasso white.

Definitely recommended, I don't know how they offer it at this price but it's a steal.