Ashcroft Collection

The Ashcroft Loom Strop

From Gord Ashcroft:

"I designed this strop with the intention of making just one as a gift for my friend Phil Sanchez of The Classic Edge Shaving Store.

To say he was pleased is a bit of an understatement and he asked me if I could make these available for sale to his customers.

I replied that it was never my intention to go into production with these strops and he should be happy to be the owner of a unique item. However, after months of asking I relented and agreed to make just a few.

I found a nice piece of Tiger Maple that would make just four bases and decided that I would make a limited edition of just four, and never make anymore.

Your strop has a tiger base maple base, with walnut used for the guides and leather gripper bars. The anchor blocks and slides are made from cherry and the leather strop itself is made from top grade English Bridle. All of the hardware is solid brass with the exception of the screws which tighten the leather gripper bars; here I have chosen steel because brass screws would not be strong enough to take the side loads involved.

The wooden parts are finished with multiple coats of urethane and the buffed with top quality wax polish. if you ever need to refresh the wood components, a light buffing with fine furniture polish is all that it needs. Just make sure that only soft cloths are used.

An allen key is supplied for adjusting the strop but remember that not much tension is required on these strops. This is important!

You only need to simulate the hand tension that you would apply to a hanging strop while refreshing your straight razor. The strop needs to have some give to do its job properly and an over tensioned strop will not only produce poor results but will also put undue stresses on the strop components. 

So, enjoy your new strop whether you use it every day or just use it as a center piece for your razor collection."


Gord Ashcroft from The Classic Edge


Overall Length: 23" / Overall Width: 5 3/4"

Stropping Area Length: 19 3/4" / Width: 3"