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     Wow time flies!  The original description below was written in 2011, and it's obvious there has been a lot of changes since then.  Being the first gave me great pride having this beautiful product available on my website.  But a few years after a competitor sent one they purchased from us to be copied in China.  Needless to say I was upset, so took it down, worried that clients would think I was charging too much. Especially since there was one that was identical out there for less.  Not long after I noticed the reviews about cracking on brand new ones, or poor quality. So I put mine back up knowing that ours were much better in fit and finish.  But more importantly, I did not stop getting them hand made in England, even though I could get them cheaper in China like everyone else. I promised myself and the incredible Artist (Nathan) that I would NEVER stop selling these, our scuttle and Large Apothecary Shave Mug.  All originals made by Nathan, when there were no others like them.  When making your decision on which scuttle, mug and blade bank to buy, know that these are hand made by the same gentleman that started making them for us in 2011 in small batches.  We are proud to support a small Artisan, and have nothing against products made in China, we just think that they get enough business from the whole world.  Sometimes you just have to give other countries a try :)  Thank you Nathan for all you have done for our family and small business, your work speaks volumes.  

Razor Blade Banks were a dime a dozen in the 1950's and you could find them everywhere your razor blades were sold. Today is completely opposite, as no one is making them anymore other than Feather. The only problem with the Feather Brand Banks is that they have an opening that is made for the longer blades. So working with my Artisan from the U.K who makes our Classic Edge Scuttle and Ultra Apothecary Mug we have come up with a Beautiful Ceramic Razor Blade Bank! With the same high-quality standards of the other Sculpta Products, this razor blade bank will hold a Lifetime of used blades with style. This Neutral Ivory Colour will fit any washroom decor and be the subject of many questions from your guests. I have had a few friends sit there looking at it for several minutes trying to figure out what it is before finally breaking down and asking me "What is that thing!"

Size: 4" in diameter and 3 1/2" Tall

Handmade in England

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Kevin B
Classy piece of artwork

Love the new Blade Bank I recently purchased. It obviously has a great practicality but it is much more beautiful up close than the pictures show. I'm real happy I bought it, and it should as they say, last for years.

Customer review

This blade bank is a classy way to dispose of old blades. Looks nice and is a great conversation starter if you choose to leave it on the counter. And I can only imagine how many blades this thing will hold.