Personna Razor Blades Dovo Shavettes, Single Edge - Pack of 5

The single-edged PERSONNA razor blades have proven to be of excellent quality for decades due to their sharpness and cutting ability. They are compatible with the DOVO SHAVETTE. In order to use the PERSONNA razor blades with the DOVO SHAVETTE you will need the DOVO green blade holder for the American blades.

Material: These razor blades are made of stainless steel. The metal shows good resistance to corrosion and is perfect for the production of high-quality blades due to its hardness after tempering. Furthermore, the blades are glide coated, which allows the DOVO SHAVETTE to glide gently and effortlessly over the skin.

1 Pack of 5 Blades

Made in U.S.A.