PAX Superior Stainless 6/8 Straight Razor, Brand New Never Used

Vintage Straight Razor

This Beautiful 6/8 Straight Razor is the perfect example of a true singing razor! When it comes to true beauty, this is the definition. The blade has the name engraved on the blade face and the finish is second to none. Without question one of the best performing razors sold out of our store. In New Old Stock in mint condition, this 6/8 razor was made in Germany back in 1950's with Faux Ivory Bakelite scales and the Pax Logo on the scales. Blade center's evenly and the pivot pin is snug and moves freely.

This Straight Razor can be made "Shave Ready" at owner's request at no extra charge. This is highly collectable razor and we will wait for any requests on preparation as we do with any rare collectable that is an important piece of History. Thank you so much for visiting our website and if you have any questions what so ever, please feel free to contact us.

6/8 Pax Straight Razor

Blade: Square Point Swedish Stainless Steel

NOS (New Old Stock)

Scales: Original Faux Ivory Bakelite

Made in Solingen, Germany

Kind Regards,
Phil Sanchez