Merkur Futur 702 Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor, Gold Plated Finish

Give your daily grooming routine a little lasting style! Crafted with sleek gold plating finish, the Merkur Adjustable Futur DE Safety Razor has a fine heft and streamlined design for the closest shaves every time.

This Gold-Plated finish Futur Safety Razor allows you to re-adjust the angle of the blade as needed to maintain the optimum shave. By twisting the upper part of the handle, you can find the setting that gives you the closest, most comfortable shave. The traditional safety shape is easy to hold and handle.

*Comes with one Merkur Blade.

4 1/4" Length

Gold Plated Finish

Made in Solingen, Germany

Customer Reviews

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Straight razor AND safety razor.

It’s good for the days I don’t wanna use, or have the time to use a straight razor. I find that it does double duty, 1 setting for my head, another for my face.

It really excels for me as a once over for my head if I didn’t shave for a week. The first pass and heavy work will be done with a Mach 3 and the “fine work” pass will be done with this razor. If I go a day or two between shaves then I use this or a curved head merkur, depending on how sensitive my scalp feels.

My point is this. You need tools for grooming. This is one of the tools you need. It’s not “straight razor vs safety razor” it’s “straight razor AND safety razor.”

Chad P
Customer review

This is hands down the best DE razor I've ever used. The build quality is amazing, and the slightly longer handle is great for control of the head. The gold finish really looks classy too!
I highly recommend starting on setting "1" as you can make this razor very aggressive. If you're looking for one razor to do it all and last a lifetime, this is it!

Customer review

Fantastic Razor!, get a great shave and being adjustable makes it work for me, nice clean shave, nice weight and Bal.