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Parker SRB Stainless Steel Straight Edge Barber Razor

Parker’s Shavette razors are used in barbershops and shave parlors worldwide. The unique clip to close mechanism on this razor keeps the razor blade securely in place and perfectly aligned. Unlike most shavettes, the razor has a stainless-steel blade arm – not lower quality aluminum.

Many straight razor enthusiasts have told us the shavette razors perform just like a straight razor — except that there is no honing or sharpening required. Just pick your favorite double edge blade, snap it in half, and insert it into the razor. It’s that simple!

If you prefer, we also carry several brands of blades already pre-cut.

Razor Type: Clip barber/shavette razor

Weight: 1.4 oz

Length: 5 3/4 in.

Handle Material: Black Resin

Razor Arm: Stainless Steel

Parker Safety Razor has been manufacturing fine shaving instruments for over 25 years and the tradition continues with this Professional Barber Razor/Shaver.

Manufactured by Parker

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ron Neumann
Getting started or touching up

Excellent product and highly recommended.

Whether your starting out in wet shaving or a veteran, this is one of those tools you'll need to finish off your "shave of the day"

Use the blade you are comfortable with to ensure you get the shave you want.

Perfect for those starting the journey into straight razor shaving.

Great quality!

Well built shavette and see it lasting a long time. Thanks again Classic Edge!

Muhammad Faizan
Customer review

I just received my order for this razor, and I am absolutely thrilled to start using it. The feel of the razor is amazing its the right weight to manage around to get those corners right for a clean and sharp line up!

I would highly recommend this product and to top it all, thank you to Classic Edge Shaving for the wonderful personalized message note with the delivery.

It is this kind of customer service I'm always looking for and now this will be my forever go-to store for any future shaving needs!!

L.K. Levesque
Customer review

I was impressed using this shavette while preparing my Dovo straight razor to be shipped out and re-honed/sharpened. Don’t let the price fool you because this actually a very great straight razor! So impressed was I that I recently purchased 2 additional Parker shavettes and more Shark brand blades. If you are interested in starting the cool journey into the classic starlight shaving world, these shavettes will not disappoint you. They’re extremely sharp and very comfortable handling.
To give this shavette a rating of 5 stars, i’d Have to give it an easy 4.5 stars.

Customer review

I got this shavette a few days ago along with some Derby single edge blades, I'll never shave with anything else. You get more than your moneys worth with the Parker SRB. I got my order in just a few days and am extremely happy with it. Will definitely order from this site again!