DMT Dia-Sharp® Bench Stone 8" x 3" 325 Grit Course

This 8 inch DiaSharp Continuous Diamond is the ultimate diamond bench stone and is a highly useful tool for many tasks. The DMT® Store 8 Inch Dia-Sharp® Bench Stone are precision flat, diamond surfaced sharpener guaranteed to provide consistent, even sharpening every time. This is the ultimate choice for bench sharpening, with a large, wider diamond surface to sharpen a variety of edges. Only monocrystalline diamond is used on the surface of these bench hones making the cutting action ultra fast yet consistent over any other Diamond Benchstone.
This tool can be used to remove nicks in a badly damaged blade or better yet for Lapping a Sharpening Stone. Not as fast at lapping as it's big brother the 10 Inch DuoSharp® Bench Stone, but it still gets the job done and has a longer life in my experience. My present 8x3 has lapped more stones than I can remember over the last two years, along with standard lapping of my everyday Water stones on a daily basis. I cannot believe the beating this product can take!
Note from Phil:  DMT recommends the larger lapping plate for stones, but I don't believe in selling my clients something more expensive just because.  This stone laps an 8"x3" stone with zero effort.  I personally have the larger plate, but honestly it is not a game changer.  Go with what your budget permits.  Even a sheet of wet/dry 400grit sandpaper taped to your kitchen counter works, now it takes much longer and burns through sandpaper, but it works in a pinch!  


Course: 325 Mesh at 45 Microns

Size: 8" x 3" (250mm x 100mm)

Made in U.S.A.

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