Dovo Shavette Stainless Steel Handle

The Dovo Shavette Disposable Blade Straight Razor is a versatile and affordable straight razor that is ideal for travelling and as an introductory razor for newcomers to straight razor shaving.

Experienced straight razor users will also appreciate the close shave, ease of use and the sheer delight of straight shaving without the need for hones and strops, reducing the cost considerably. Can be used with regular double-edge blades snapped in half.

Items included in Package:

Features stainless steel Shavette holder and handle

1 Black Holder use with standard DE Blades snapped in half

1 Merkur Safety Razor Blade

Made in Solingen, Germany

Customer Reviews

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Customer review

Excellent razor and service

I only recently received this product and am very happy with it. It is very simple to use, comfortable to hold, and gives wonderful shave. The weight is just right and not having to hassle with maintaining the blade is fantastic. Just to drive home the point, after feeling my face my girlfriend said she "wants one to shave her legs with".

Great product and service.