DMT Credit Card Sharpener - A.K.A Diamond Slurry card!

Take your sharpening anywhere with the ready-to-go Dia-Sharp credit card sized diamond sharpener. Fits easily in pocket or wallet. Comes in convenient vinyl color-coded carry case.

Note: This credit card size diamond hone works amazing as a slurry stone! Just rub the top of your waterstone for 10 seconds and see how quickly you build a rich smooth slurry. For the most consistent results with synthetic stones like Naniwa just rub enough to removed the black carbon build up and then rinse with water for a fresh new fast cutting surface.

DMT grit chart LINK

Blue = 325 Grit at 45 Microns

Size: 3.25"x 2" x .05" (83 mm x 51 mm x 1 mm)

Made in U.S.A.